Aaron Buchholz > Circles, Walk In It, Go Tell It On the Mountain

All Above Me > Sing To You

All Sons & Daughters > Oh How I Need You

Amanda Stott > Need the Fire

Amelia Charles > Eyes On You, Tear Down The Walls

Beyond the Globe > Star Above

Brant Pethick > Hope

Brian Doerksen > Magical Lights, Hope of the Nations (Christmas Edition), In The Middle (Your Peace)

Brooke Nicholls > Pursue

Carried Away >  More Like Christmas

Charmaine Champion > Blessed Is He

Chelsea Amber > Anchored Roots, Never Let Me Go, Face The Waves, God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, Praise Your Name, Mosaic, Waters May Rise

Chris Janz > Miracle To Find

ChristCity Church > Star Above

Christine Evans > Typical, Light a Candle

Dan Bremnes > Only You, Never Wanna Lose, Where The Light Is, In His Hands, Jingle All The Way, Up Again, Wherever I Go, Thunder, The Way, Speak To Me, Born Again

Fraser Campbell > River of Life, Joy to the World, Search My Heart, We Love You 

Flood the Stone > Something Beautiful, Holding You

Found in the Fury > Songs From The Cave

Fridays Cry > Emmanuel

Grace Revolution > Citizens of Heaven

Greg Sczebel > Ain’t Got Love, Causin’ A Commotion, A Little More Time With You, Every Word You Say, Perfect (Merry Little Christmas), Good Fight

Holle > A Way Out, Fairytale Dream, Fallen Snow, Christmas Was Made for You

Hopes Creed > Hear I Am

Hunter Brothers > Glory Hallelujah

Jeff Catto > Every Season

Jeremy Benjamin > Something Broke, Wonderlove, Glory Train

Jesse Weeks > Somewhere in the Distance, Answers

Jodi King > Breathing In/Breathing Out, Listen to the Angels, I Live For You, Happy, Christmastime!

Jon Bauer > Beautiful Name, Chasing After Me, Fall Over Me, Angels We Have Heard, Come and Save Us, Our God, Say Something, Starts With Us, Your Love Is Beautiful, Light In Us, Come Alive

Jon Neufeld > We’ve Got A Love, Come Alive, Burn Bright, We are Free

Kate Adams > Beautiful

Kevin Pauls > Found Myself In You, The Spirit of Christmas

Krystaal > In The Name of Love

Leina > Sound Off

Life Support >   Made for This, Roar of Heaven

Linnea Salte >   Pockets Full of Poises, Paint the Skies

Love & The Outcome > He Is With Us, Louder Closer Deeper

Love Sound Movement > Fall Deeper

LOVECOLLIDE > I Don’t Want It, Undeniable, Mother of the Son of God (Christmas), So What, Wildfire

Manafest > Every Time You Run, Never Let You Go, Pray

Manuela > Circling Numbers

Marika > This Christmas Time, Real Life Story, Heal Our Land

Matt Brouwer > Everlasting, A Merry Little Christmas – EP 2, Tonight, Love Can Find A Way, Tonight

Melody Duncan> This Christmas, Here I Am

Mere Messengers > True To You

NEEDTOBREATHE > Testify, Hard Love, Forever On Your Side

Sean and Aimee Dayton > The First Noel

Steve Bell > Changes, About Love

Taylor Meloche (Faith FM Shining Star Talent Competition Winner) > Jesus Is The Praise

Terrell Edwards and The Reach > Real To Me

The City Harmonic > A City On A Hill

The Color > Made To Be, Raindrops, Hark the Hearld (He Is My King)

The Rend Collective > Build Your Kingdom Here

Tim & The Glory Boys > Blessed

Tim Neufeld > All Your People Sing

Timothy Paul Milner > In Ever Season

ToDieFor > Dying to Live

Tori Harper > The Wreck

West of Here > The Other Side, Rescue, Reach For The Sky, Robot, Edge of the Earth

Will Walker > Burn Bright



NEEDTOBREATHE Forever On Your Side Tour 2018 (Canadian Dates Only)

NEEDTOBREATHE Tour 2017 w/ special guest Colony House (9 Canadian Dates)

Jingle All The Way Christmas Tour 2017

Dan Bremnes + Love & The Outcome Tour 2017

Light My Way Tour 2013 (AB/BC Tour)

The Upside Down Kingdom Tour w/ Jason Gray and Shane Claiborne March 2013 (Ontario Tour)

Ali Matthews w/ Eric Samuel Timm Christmas 2012

Jon Bauer and Jodi King Radio Tour September 2011

Switchfoot Spring 2011 (Canadian National Tour)

Tenore June 2011 (Alberta Tour Dates)

Maple Noise Tour 2011 (Edmonton)

Big Daddy Weave with Building 429 Spring 2010 (Canadian National Tour)

Something Heavenly Tour 2009

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