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It’s tough to understand the Canadian Christian radio landscape on your own

Since 2009, Ten16 Entertainment has built relationships between artists and radio, coming alongside Christian artists and helping them grow. Our name is a trusted brand in the Canadian radio industry and we have spent years developing our custom services, comprehensive industry database and exclusive in-depth tracking.



With more than two decades of hands-on experience in both mainstream and Christian radio, Hollie Taylor has worked as an on-air host, voice tracker, voiceover artist, station manager, promotions coordinator, artist manager, and radio promoter. Following 10.5 years of co-hosting the morning show at 105.9 Shine FM (Edmonton, AB), she recently transitioned into the role of Station Manager for Joy Radio and Faith Strong Today’s (Oakville, ON); a role which includes hosting Good Company (Faith Strong Today/JOY Radio) and co-hosting the Why Me Project podcast with Johnny Rocket.

With a passion for positive entertainment and practical business management training from Harris Institute in Toronto, Hollie launched Ten16 Entertainment in 2010, which is the culmination of Hollie’s skills, experience and expertise gained from working in both sides of the radio and entertainment industries. Ten16 Entertainment has been actively representing both international and Canadian artists to Canadian Christian radio through radio tracking and promotions, PR, and media buys. Additionally, Hollie and her team has been working on developing The CCRC (Canadian Christian Radio Chart) to increase the tools available for Canadian Christian artists to assist them with building their brand and industry impact.

Hollie’s passion for both the Canadian Christian music and radio industries remains as true as it was when her journey began 20+ years ago and she is excited to see what the future has in store.


Radio Promoter

After earning her diploma in Entertainment Management (Music Business) from Toronto’s Trebas Institute, a school devoted to the arts industry, Loretta launched the Christian music division for radio promotion company Dale Speaking Ltd. Building the database from scratch, she promoted artists like Greg Sczebel and Amanda Falk before starting her own music promotion company.

Now partnering with Ten16 Entertainment to promote Christian music to Christian radio, Loretta also uses her sales, marketing and promotions skills for non-profit fundraising, faith-based conference promotion and church worship production.


While journalism training taught Robyn how to write tight, focused copy, working at a non-profit for the past decade taught her how having a consistent written brand is critical for connecting with your audience. Her specialty is taking big ideas and simplifying them, creating authentic marketing messages in order to build meaningful relationships and emotional links.

As Ten16 Entertainment’s resident public relations and copywriter, Robyn is able to take her education and experience to help Christian artists develop an effective written brand, helping their fans relate to them, like them and trust them.

Take your music career to the next level

If you’re wondering how to work a song in Canada, if you’re ready to do the work and take your music from a hobby to a business, or if you’re looking to learn more about the Canadian Christian radio industry, Ten16 Entertainment is with you every step of the way. 

Let’s partner together and take your music career to the next level.

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