There is an age old question that haunts us all from time to time. “Why is death a part of life?” Often we accept the premise that death has always been and always will be, and thus we never actually seek the answer to the question. Instead we spend our mortal existence on a quest to gain the whole world and it’s temporary comforts, all while uttering “You only live once”. But what if “earth can’t cure a dreaming soul”?

Could there be a doorway of escape out of this mortal maze we find ourselves in? A portal that leads into a world unconquered by death? Deep in our being we all know there must be something beyond temporary. The answer to this age old question starts revealing itself in the written words “In the beginning…” and carries on through till the end of the most grand story ever conceived. Which mortals among us will chase after the answer? As for me, “I might be mortal but I know there’s a bigger life, so I’ll knock and I’ll seek until I find.”


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