Brant Pethick is a Christian pop singer/songwriter from Ottawa, Canada, who focuses on writing and performing positive and hopeful inspirational anthems!

Brant’s first live performance was in a church and since 2012 he has released 1 album and 7 singles. His hooky melodic phrasing and passionate songwriting style has resulted in a 2020 Covenant award nomination, extensive radio play including songs that have charted for weeks on Christian radio, and multiple international songwriting awards in the Gospel/Christian category. Brant has collaborated with several prominent JUNO and Covenant award artists and producers such as Andrew Horrocks, Jaylene Johnson, Chelsea Amber, Arun Chaturvedi, Jesse Weeks and Colin Bernard.

With much anticipation, Brant’s upcoming EP called “Hope” is a collection of 6 inspirational uplifting songs that pursue hope through spirituality and is a collaboration with JUNO and Covenant award songwriters and artists. Brant recorded these new songs over the last couple years and allow him to share and express encouragement through God’s faithfulness.

The first single from this EP is the title-track “Hope” and features a duet with the soulful Chelsea Amber. Brant explains, “I wanted to write a song that focuses on renewing and strengthening our relationship with God, when faced with hardship in order to find hope. Whether it be in a time of self-reflection, in seeking guidance, or finding strength in our vulnerabilities, Hope provides the platform to become whole again.”

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