If there’s one thing singer/songwriter BLSNG wants people to feel when they hear her pop, gospel, R&B, soul, country fusion is hope. Hope for tomorrow, hope in Jesus and hope that they’re not alone.

“My music is an expression of freedom,” she said. “We need to hear each other’s stories so we know someone else is going through something and we’re not alone. That’s what music does for me and I want others to know that there’s always hope.”

The lyrics for her first radio single “Miracles” came during a time when BLSNG faced serious health challenges and other difficulties. In early 2021 she sat down to write and the words for “Miracles” poured out of her.

“It’s so easy in our darkness and our despair to forget who God is. And I really believe that this song is meant to be one that calls us to faith, that calls us to hope, and that calls us to remember who God is—who it is that we serve—that even in the midst of our big problems that we have a bigger God, who is the God of the impossible,” she said.

Although she has never taken formal lessons, BLSNG grew up listening to the radio and loved singing along to the voices of Mariah Carey, Michael Buble and whoever was on easy rock radio. She started singing publically at age 12 when she joined her church choir. Since then, BLSNG has collaborated and written music with various music ministries, including the Calgary-based music collective Tehillah Worship.

Over the past five years, BLSNG has begun taking songwriting more seriously and has been studying specific artists to learn more about their creative process. Lately, she has been co-writing and enjoying the community aspect of songwriting as well as the discovery working together on different pieces of music brings.

Although she is still exploring style and genre, BLSNG says every aspect of her music is an extension of her worship. She finds it cathartic and creative in ways she’s unable to be in her everyday life. While she’d love to do music full time one day, for now she is a part-time singer/songwriter while she works as a nurse at a local hospital.

“At the end of the day my work is about encouraging people and giving them a sense of hope and inspiration,” she said. “Working at the hospital is another expression of ministry for me—God uses all things—it’s not any less of a ministry than my music is. When people are at their worst I’m able to physically show them they’re not alone. I’m God’s hands and feet and light in a dark situation.”


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